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How This Works

Below is a notification list that you can subscribe to. People that need their koi rescued will post their information and everyone on the list receives the message. If you are interested, you contact the person directly to arrange for picking up the koi. The list is moderated and the only messages allowed to pass are ones which announce koi that need a new home and are being offered for free -- other messages are deleted, this is NOT a discussion forum.

To Subscribe, send email to: pkr-fish-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To Unsubscribe, send email to: pkr-fish-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

**Please Note: If you are replying to a rescue request by email, make sure you are sending a message to the person who has the koi. If you send a reply to the group list, the message will just get deleted and not passed on.

Rescuing Koi

In the case of a person shutting down their pond -- the expectation is that the koi are being given away for free and that one or just a couple of people will pickup ALL of the koi and help them drain their pond all the way to the bottom.

After the koi are safely in a new location, you can keep the ones you want and adopt out the others individually or however you see fit.

When large group rescues are being organized (like golf course ponds), the list can be used to send out notifications and information about the rescue effort, however the people that want to get involved in the effort need to respond directly to the person(s) who are organizing the effort.

The way a group rescue typically works is everyone shows up at a designated date and time, everyone helps catch the fish and then those fish are divided up after the pond has been drained. Usually taking turns, one person picks one fish, then the next etc. till all fish have been adopted. You are NOT required to take any fish home, anyone is welcome to just help catch the fish.

Warranty of koi health

It is expected that when a person picks up koi, they assume all responsibility for the koi as it goes into their possession. If a koi dies on the way home, well, that is the way it goes and you should figure out what went wrong so you can prevent that in the future. From my experience rescuing koi, the only un-fixable trouble is when the koi is first rescued from a severe stressed environment where they were already on death's door such as a golf course pond that was being drained and the fish were in respiratory distress when picked up.

Quarantine of Adopted Koi

Everyone who has a koi pond should have a quarantine system (spare tank, filter etc) and anyone receiving koi is expected to quarantine the koi they receive from anyone else.


Everyone involved agrees to do their best to be polite and act in a professional manner, but sometimes accidents happen, ponds are slippery and messy. By using this website or any information obtained from this website, all parties involved agree to hold harmless any other people / parties invoved and any other members of Phoenix Koi Rescue, harmless of liability or damage while we are performing a rescue or being involved in any related activities. All parties invovled assume their own risk.