Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Tiki Hut Koi Pond With Bridge

    By Cheryl

Hey Shorty:

I like to refer to our back yard as our "back yard oasis" because it is so relaxing and very charming. I love to garden. So, I'm outside daily either planting flowers, fertilizing, treating the pond or sometimes just relaxing in the TIKI hut visiting with friends or reading a good book. I have about 85 Koi and gold fish, and there is nothing more relaxing than listening to the waterfall and watching the fish.

We purchased the TIKI hut first. It was fun to hang out and relax. But then I thought how a pond with a waterfall would really add to its charm. Then I purchased the bridge which makes it appear more custom and really gives it personality. One morning I woke up and went outside to feed the fish. In so doing I heard a strange noise and looked up. It was a huge blue heron with a wingspan of 12 feet flying away. I looked in the pond for the fish and everyone of them were gone! He ate every blasted one!! I was pissed! Koi aren't cheap!

So, I got online to see how I could deter the heron before I invested in anymore. I ended up spending a small fortune! I bought koi castles, (so the fish could hide), alligator heads, fake herons, snakes, devices that I connected to the bridge that if anything came within 30', it would make a noise to animals. You name it, I purchased it! I also planted several water lilies so the fish could hide.

I've succeeded somewhat. The heron is out there every single morning! He's determined to get those darn fish! What's interesting is the ones I have now are really smart and they take cover!!