Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Super Tank -- getting it home

I have a friend, who has a friend named Michelle that owns a piece of property which used to be part of a pecan farm. I took my Girl Scout troop there to pick pecans and upon meeting Michelle, we hit it off great after we recognized that we both were world class trash pickers - and both with spouses that don't like our trash picking activities.

Her property was on flood irrigation, and so every few weeks the property was flooded with canal water. She has several flower gardens that she likes to water more often, and so she acquired a small cistern which she fills with water every time her property is flooded, and uses that cistern water for her flower beds. Only problem is that she keeps running out of water between floodings.

Several years ago, she spotted a broken fiberglass liquid storage tank on the side of the highway. She located the owner, and the tank was used to store something other than gasoline, and it was broken while being moved. They hadn't gotten around to having it taken to the dump, and was glad to give it to Michelle if she would come haul it off. Michelle asked many of her friends, but was unable to get anyone else to help her with it.

Within 30 minutes of meeting Michelle, we struck up a plan to go get the broken tank together, and split the booty. She would use one half for a large cistern, and I was to use the other half for a super sized koi tank.

Michelle had a friend of the family that owned a pickup truck and car hauling trailer, so we borrowed them for transport. The only snag was the friend assumed that her husband was driving it, so we just didn't tell them I was. It wasn't your average pickup truck either, it was some kind of restored classic truck that had obviosly been restored with care, which made me extra nervous while driving it.

We drove for a couple hours and arrived at the farm where the tanks were. Luckily they had a forklift onsite, so we used it to coax the tanks up on the trailer. We got the 2 halves of the big fiberglass tank, plus a 700 gallon plastic water tank as a bonus !!

After a couple of nervous hours driving home, we got back to her place first and gave birth to the plastic tank. Thats Michelle's lawn tractor and small trailer we pulled it off with.

This is what the baby plastic tank looked like still inside the fiberglass tank.

Next we dropped off my half of the tank. Driving down the street, then down the alley, my neighbors were wondering what in the heck I was doing now....