Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Koi spawning and fry

Was early part of the year, things starting to warm up again and tiem to spawn my koi. This is mom number #1

Mom #2

Dad #1

Dad #2

Started out with thousands of baby fry, and the routine of feeding tons and tons of brine shrimp, 4 times daily.

The water started getting warm during the day, and many of the fry would appear to have their intestins inflate with air. Later they appeared to go back to normal -- or they were dying and being eaten by their brothers, not sure, but in the morning all the floating bodies were gone.

Here is a look at the hatchery tank that I am using to raise them.

After a while they start showing color, and their numbers seriously decrease. I hadn't started the culling process soon enough, and discovered there were a number of fat tobie koi living down in the bottom of the tank. While draining it to cull them, I watched one of the koi gulp down one of his brothers.

Also I found a diving beetle -- where it came from I don't know. And some dragon fly larva, they are predators to fry.

After a couple of rounds of culling, I was down to these.

Here are some I am excited about growing out

More keepers for growth