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Phoenix Arizona

My Common & Comet Goldfish Spawning & Fry

So it is February, my heater was holding the water temp barely at 66 degrees, then we had a warm spell for about a week. The water temp went up to 75, and one morning I went out to see this spawning frenzy.

I didn't have any spawning mops in there, or really anything else that would catch the eggs so I made a scraper from a plastic butter tub. I transferred the eggs to an empty aquarium inside and treated the water with malachite green to kill fugus that comes with the eggs.

5 days later, and we have babies. About 20 of these little fry are around the aquarium.

This picture is a couple days after the above one.

At 6 days since I harvested the eggs from the pond, they are now free swimming & eating the brine shrimp. Big fat little tummies on them too!

Here is my redneck brine shrimp hatchery jar. This is setup on my workbench in the unheaded garage, so the temperature is way below what it needs to be, to hatch the eggs. So I setup a small lamp and experimented with how far away from the jar it needed to be, to get the right temp.

Here is the formula that I am working with:
- 1 pint jar filled with tap water
- add salt, 1/2 to 1 tsp per pint
- if left with a lot of eggs still in bottom, try increasing the salt
- add eggs, up to 1/2 tsp of eggs (but more like 1/8 tsp for the small amount of fry I have)
- keep temp between 80-82 F, adjust temp by moving light closer or further away
- have the bubbler running whole time, enough to really stir the water
- eggs hatch in 12-24 hours
- turn off air, let settle for 10 minutes, shells float to top, shrimp swim to bottom
- use turkey baster to suck out shrimp from bottom of jar
- dump the shrimp in the aquarium
- watch the fry eat the shrimp

Read that need to feed brine shrimp to the fry within 24 hours of hatching, because the shrimp eat their yolk sack and loose nutritional value. And that bubbler really stirs the water violently, but think that is the point and seems to help it work better.

At 18 days since the eggs were laid, they are looking like real little fish now.

I counted them as best I could, and I have just under 30 fry that made it -- despite me harvesting them by scraping.