Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Take koi to school for show and tell

Do you know why fish are the smartest of all animals? It is because they swim in schools. :)

In my daughter's class, they were studying certain types of animals and one kid had his mom bring in a huge snake. My daughter came home and said "Daddy, we are taking Daisy to school". Huh? You want to take Daisy to school? Yep, this boy's mom brought in his pet snake, so you have to bring in Daisy.

OK.... I called the teacher and she had heard of koi, think she had seen one years ago, and said casually "sure, bring it on in" with a casual tone to her voice like I'd be carrying in a goldfish bowl.

Lucky for me, the classroom was on the end of the building near an exit door.

I pulled all the seats out of my mininvan and loaded it up with several plastic barrels and a pond liner. The barrels were to carry my pond water so I wouldn't need any water from the school, plus wouldn't have to treat it.

I had just enough extension cords and garden hose to make the trip from my van to just in front of her classroom. And lucky me, there was an electrical outlet right next to the door.

After getting all setup, the teacher brought her class out to the hall to checkout our Daisy. One kid asked if it was a shark, and I said sure is !!! He likes to eat kids, and I haven't fed him today !! Then I gave them a brief run down on what koi really are and their history.