Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Koi Rescue at Caro Golf Course - Scottsdale AZ

Lenny and I had been rescuing ducks and koi over at the Villa Monterey Golf Course and someone heard about that effort, and called Lenny to come rescue the wildlife from the Caro golf course which had 4 ponds. 3 of the 4 ponds were already completely drained, and the 4th one was about half way down.

Day 1
Dave Swaim (on the far right, with baseball hat on) owns a 100' seine net and enjoys dragging ponds like I do. He does have a koi pond, but we already filled it up with koi, and he comes out just to volunteer and help out -- and we are all very thankful !!

The pond was so full of algae and weeds that it was extremely difficult to drag the net. We could only sweep a very short area across the middle. That was pretty tough, and so we only did 2 sweeps.

We caught this beautiful koi which Brian Peters took home.

Here is a picture of Brian when he got back home. The koi has a few bites from turtles, and possibly a big tumor, but she couldn't get that big unless she was a tough fish so I am sure she is going to do great.

And this is the biggest koi I have ever seen. Gary Ures (from both clubs) has a 14k pond and adopted him. He previously had a big koi called Boomer, as in what they call huge Russian submarines, and since this one is bigger than boomer, I told Gary it must be Red October.

Day 2 Dave Swaim came back with his seine net. Gotta love this guy, he got all muddy, messy, gunked up his equipment, and didn't even take home a single koi.

Disaster -- before our work party arrived, some hispanic guys had waded out in the lake, were spearing fish they could and tossing them up on shore. (we had shooed them off the day before) They had 14 lined up, including the decorative koi we were out there to save. One person asked what they were doing, and they said they were taking to try and sell to a chinese restaurant, or filibertos. They left about 10 minutes before I arrived... just irritating.

We dragged the pond twice, there was only a little bit of water left.

Pam from the Phoenix Herpetological society came to get the turtles, we caught a couple of sliders and a good sized soft shell. There was still a bigger soft shell out there buried in the mud.

Mark took home this one.

Had my girls with me, so we decided to go up to the Phoenix Herpetological society to visit their aligators.

They mostly get the gators when the police bust drug dealers who had them illegally as pets. Some have been caught where they were living wild, after being dumped.

Russ was trying to get this one out of his pool, he needed to clean the bottom drain with a shop vac.

This is their turtle pond, they have something like 90 turtles. So if you are looking to adopt a turtle, they have plenty!

Got home and received an email from Brian -- it was a ray of sunshine that I needed. He was at the golf course earlier on day 2, saw the guys killing the fish, went over there and asked to have a decorative koi that they had tossed up on the bank. He brought it home, revived it, and it is doing find now. Now that was a REAL koi rescue!