Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Koi Rescue at Florence's Pond

Here is Mark checking people in at the front, with Donna, she was our host at Florence's pond.

The house as been empty for a couple of years and Miyoshi has been coming over daily to take care of the koi. He and Donna's son fed the koi one last time before we collected them.

Its like we get to go on our own private pond tour -- isn't this a pretty pond?

Going over the point system and proceedures, also making sure everyone is checked in.

Catching koi in a full pond with hiding places and immovable rock features is more of an art form than a science. Here Gary is proposing an idea of a coordinated net and scoop manuver.

Cindy is a fish catching magician. We all try to catch the koi, and they zoom away. For some reason when she goes to scoop them, she can just put the net under them, lift and presto the koi are in the bucket.

Here fishey fishey....