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Other Misc Fish I have Kept

Chinese High Fin Banded Shark
Originally I saw these at petsmart, but they were $40 each and sold out before I decided to get a pair. I ordered a couple off the internet for much less and had them for a few weeks. They are very pretty, but don't have that much of a personality. They only seem to eat off the bottom, mine never hit anything from the surface. They constantly dug around the bottom looking for food, and didn't seem to care if food was falling around them, they would continue to dig thru empty rocks. Made me kinda wonder if they would make it in my pond with the carp, koi & goldfish, those guys are pretty quick to snarful any food that lands in the pond. Unfortunatly they both had Costia and died. The first one died during the salt treatment (which didn't get rid of the costia), and the 2nd died the day after the Formalin treatment.
aka Chinese banded hi fin hifin sailfin shark Myxocyprinus asiaticus Bleeker sinensis asiaticus, Chinese High Fin Sucker, Sailfin Sucker, Topsail Sucker.

Great info page at csupomona.edu (with video)
Aqualand Pets Plus

Bangana Behri
When buying the chinese hifin, I also spotted the Bangana. I looked on the net but couldn't find anything about them when grown in aquaria. The most expensive part of getting fish off the internet is the shipping, so might as well pickup an extra fish for a few bucks extra. As a young fish, he is very plain looking, almost just like a fathead minnow used as fishing bait, or Rosy Red that you can get as a feeder fish. But when they grow to adult size, they have this super cool looking bump on their head. He had a lot of personality, he would hide in his cave in the morning and would dart out to snatch the falling pellet food, and dart back. In the evening, he would openly patrol around the tank. Has an interesting striking movement, he would line up on a piece of algae then zing down on it. I figured that he was using his momentum to grab and rip off a chunk to eat. Also he had a neat hover mode while swimming, would flap his front fins a bit to move then settle down and sit. The bummer thing was that he started picking at the hifin sharks, agressively striking them on the head and body every 10 minutes or so. I was debating what to do, they get large and I didn't want to make a big pond just for him. Once he got big, figured one option was that if he kept up the agression, I could make a partition in my pond to seperate him from the other fish. But he had Costia just like the hifins, and died after the Formalin treatment. Nuts...
aka Cyprinidae Cypriniformes Actinopterygii Wa Na Nor

fishbase.org (lots pics too)
Info at ifm-geomar.de
lots of pics
Australian Mekong Resource Center

Texas Cichlids (Rio Grande Cichlids)
Herichthys cyanoguttatus
At one of the local ponds we caught these two Texas Cichlids, which are listed in the fishing regulations as unlimited size, bag, and posession limits. Plus they are one of the "baitfish" so we can transport them live.

This is the only native cichlid to the united states, and there certainly are a LOT of them swimming in the local water. They are interesting to look at with really neat coloring. Every summer we can see the males near the shore making nests trying to attract females. We tried them out but they were way too agressive, very territorial, they would attack the other fish so they had to go.

This guy was completely terrified and just layed on his side in the pond. Later I read that you shouldn't keep the larger fish, they have a harder time becoming accostomed to new enviornments.

Blue Tilapia
One of the things I heard about Tilapia is that they don't survive very well here in the desert. The waters get really cold here in the winter, and they aren't supposed to survive very well in temps below 65 degrees. The Blue Tilapia is supposed to be one of the strains that can survive in colder water. Also listed in AZ as baitfish, we tried 2 of them and they weren't that agressive to start with, but then turned into complete terrors. So they had to move on.

WarMouth Bass
I caught this guy and thought he was a dollar sunfish, or possibly another type, but a couple of days later I saw him swimming around with a tail sticking out of his mouth. Whooops ! The tail of a fathead minnow that was almost as long as he is. I don't keep fish eaters, so he had to go.

Fathead Minnows
I was down at the lake, walking the shore looking for some more native fish. I stumbled upon a fisherman who was very friendly, and after chatting for a bit he was getting up to go and was just going to dump his minnows into the lake. He asked if I wanted them, so I said thanks and put them into my collection jar. I tossed them into my pond back at home and looked them up on the net. I found Robyn's Rosy Red Minnow Page which has a ton of great info on them. Unfortunately they died of unknown reasons, except for that one which was eaten by the warmouth.