Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Privacy Shades & Pergolas for Ponds

Shade for your pond is very important. If your pond is in the direct sun during the summer, the water can get up to 96 degrees here in Phoenix. A shade will help keep the pond water cooler, I often see a 10 degree difference at mid day between my swimming pool temperature, which is in direct sun and my pond which has a full shade over it.

koi pond shade Palapa
If you want to go top of the line, this is what you need. It is called a Palapa, which is a fancy name for a tiki hut, or palm thatched umbrella. They look nice and can withstand heavy winds.

koi pond shade Jim 1
I have looked far and wide at everyone's pond in the search for a simple, yet nice looking visual block that would give privacy to a pond area. This is on the top of what I think is neat. Jim took standard lattice and cut it in half, then folded over so that the lattice interlocks, and blocks out the entire view - doesn't have the holes like single sheet of lattice does. Then he framed each section, and put them all along his fence.

koi pond shade Jim 2
Here you can see a further back photo, he did have it going all the way down the back wall, but because the house is being sold, the realtor advised him to remove it to make it more appealing for sale. Notice how the lattice is cut at just the right height so it blocks off the view of the other house roofs, but is low enough that you can see the mountains. Looking the other direction in his yard, and there are even better mountain views.

koi pond shade Ken
Here is another interesting use of lattice. The block wall faces a busy street, and their dog had jumped over the wall once before. I think something like this would look good as a shade structure for a pond.

koi pond shade Liz
This is a lattice shade over the bog filter part of their pond.

koi pond shade Mike 1
A huge problem in Phoenix is the oven like sunhine we get. If you can block the sun, you can siginificantly reduce your pond's temperature. Only problem is when you do that, you can't see the pond or fish anymore.

This is a neat solution from Mike, he made a PVC frame and attached shade cloth to it. As he walks by, he can look in the side to see the fish.

koi pond shade Mike 2
When it is feeding time, he can hoist the shade up to get it fully out of the way.

koi pond shade Mike 3
He also has a strategically placed panel to cut down on the glare, so he can see in the water better.

koi pond shade Feature in Tempe, near Hooters
This is a water feature, the but water only rolls over the stones and under a grate on the ground. Neat looking structure.

koi pond shade Hazel 2