Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Misc Koi Ponds - Natural Koi Ponds

natural koi pond Hazel 1
From 2007 pond tour

natural koi pond Puff Ball
Just looks like a puff ball. Had to share it. :)

natural koi pond Paul's Pond

natural koi pond Bill's Pond

natural koi pond Elaine 2
Her original goldfish pond was very small and in the center of this pile of rocks. Neat looking barrel on a stick thing.

natural koi pond Dan
Creative use of standard 165 gallon plastic pond liner.

natural koi pond Cliff Pond
House is on the side of a mountain, the pond is literally over the edge, and the far side of the pond is about a 50' drop. So if the fish jump out on that side, they are going to fly for a while.

natural koi pond Phoenix Zoo 1
Just after you go in the zoo past the ticketing counter, they have this koi pond.

natural koi pond Phoenix Zoo 2
Back in the jungle area, they have this pond with a huge pacu and other fish. The front is a curved glass window.

natural koi pond Phoenix Zoo 3
As you go over the bridge to enter the zoo, don't forget to feed the koi and turtles. The orange one is a doitsu, and probably around 40" long.