Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Some of the koi I have kept in my collection

Fat Albert (Hikari Moyo)
The first koi ever given to me. I was at Karen's pond during a club meeting, who has a beautiful collection of show koi. They were asking her who her favorite koi was, and commenting on how beautiful they all were. I saw a short, fat koi with a mutt goshiki pattern and commented that it was the best looking koi she had. She said "you know, it spawned and I have a smaller one", then asked me if I would like to have it and I said SURE!! Her kids went swimming in her pond, which is about 5k gallons, and after a while finally caught her.

The father is names Thomas, and karen says the other koi treat him like a big fat floating football, and push him around all the time.

Kendra (Doitsu Kawarigoi)
This is a rescue koi, came from a rental house that had a small 150 gallon shallow pond and the birds were eating the other koi and goldfish, and the owners wanted to close out the pond for liability issues. All the fish in the pond were stunted growth. This one was rather dull grey looking at first, but I saw a hint of red and kept her for a while. She has really started to grow and I think is neat looking now.

From a spawn in 2008. I think she has awsome coloring, I love the dominant pattern instead of the small spots.

Jack (Hakari Moyo)
This is a koi I got from a rescue. He was in a tiny pond, was being starved, all the other koi in that pond were eaten by herons.

Spock (total mutt)
I was coming back from a pond club meeting with Nancy and we stopped at a petsmart. Of all people, it it totally illogical for me to purchase koi - but I spotted this one, and just couldn't leave without it. Had a very odd look to it, and wanted to raise it to see what would turn out like. This is a picture after some growth, she has a lot of blue coloring which I like.


I was at a pet shop and saw this fish, but it was very sick looking, and so skinny I could see it's ribs. Barely had any life left, it would try to cling onto rocks and just sit there. I mentioned the fish to the manager, and asked if they had a hospital tank and could try to nurse it back to life, but they said realistically they would just wait for it to die and toss it. So I offered to heal it, and they gave me the fish. I gave it a shotgun spread of treatment in a tank with a couple of goldfish as buddies, and it recovered.

Came from one of my spawns, started with a nice kohaku pattern and the orange completely dissapered.

Came from a spawn of my fish.

He's got a very unbalanced pattern, but I like how the black spots are very bold and look like ink spots with well defined edges.

Is a cross between my previous 2 largest fish: Madonna and Daisy. They both came from my first rescue that got me into helping koi.

Born a looser, Stubby has no tail. Came from a rescue where I picked up a couple hundred goldfish and found new homes for them, this guy survived so far so I figured would keep him.

Midnight shubunkin.

Long Tail 2 (sarassa comet)
I did a rescue at a hotel and caught this beautiful sarassa comet.

Madonna (aka bekko)
On the 2nd trip, to my first rescue pond, the mud was too soft and too far out to get close enough with my cast net, so I used my daughter's barbie fishing rod. I had restrung it with 40 lb test line and had a dough ball on a tiny hook. I caught this koi with others, my daughters just fell in love and we decided to keep it. Called it Madonna, then about a week later had a female koi the same tank, and found out for sure that this koi is a boy.

Daisy (kigoi - or Lemon Koi)
On my 3rd trip to my first rescue pond, I was still having trouble getting close enough to use my cast net. Using the barbie fishing rod some more, I hooked a koi and was bringing it in, but the line broke. The bobber was still floating, and it was cylinder shaped, almost like a minature of the barrel from the movie Jaws. The bobber would move around and sometimes dive underwater, just like in the movie. As soon as the bobber came close enough, I tossed my net around it and landed this koi. Daughters named it Daisy, but is a boy.

Lemony Snickets (Hikari Moyomono)