Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Kevin Strange Pond

    By Kevin Strange


I just found your web site and I think what you do is awesome. I have been a pond enthusiast for about four years now and have loved every minute of it. My wife and I designed the pond but paid Pondscapes Inc. to demo the old water feature and dig, line and rock the pond. We then planted and planned the rest and as the years go by we have added various things. It is a bit of an addiction. This year for some reason, a grey heron has decided that my pond is its own sushi bar. I have lost 5 of my koi. Some were born in the pond and had grown rapidly to 8-10 inches. My prize Hawaiian butterfly “ghost” was the first to go. We are heartbroken as they were pets and all had names and personalities. Only another Koi lover could understand!!!

After researching , we installed the large chimes that you see in the picture and I found a motion controlled owl that seems to have worked for now. My new wolf Haley ( in the foreground) is a pretty good protector of the pond as well. I am looking for some larger Koi that will not get eaten. I have a dog bone shaped pond that is 12 x 6 at its widest and by all accounts is about 1500 gallons. I have 5 koi left , ranging from 10-14 inches and a large catfish named Felix. Please share my pond pics and I would appreciate any input you can give me.

Kevin Strange
Business Development Specialist