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Phoenix Arizona

Goldfish - Pond Comets

Long Tail
She is a Sarasa Comet. When starting the indoor aquarium, we needed to get 2 feeder goldfish to get the bio system working. So I went to the store with my girls and told them each could get 1 goldfish. I was thinking feeder goldfish, and when we got there, they were fixated on the more expensive fancy goldfish. The difference was only a decimal place, 25 cents, or $2.50, so we got the fancier ones. My older daughter picked out this one which she named Long Tail, for obvious reasons. She was only about 1" long when we brought it home, but it quickly grew and became much too large for the aquarium.

My younger daughter picked out this one which started with some yellow on his belly, but quickly turned all white. He would zoom around and then stop underneath other fish, sort of hiding under them, so that is how it got the name Heidi. He too started at 1" and quickly outgrew the aquarium.

When starting up the test pond, I didn't want to put any of my other fish in there till the bio system was up and running so off to the pet store to pickup another pair of goldfish - this time I said just the feeder fish. This one started as all brown, but after growing for a while turned mostly orange.

Mr Orange
Should have called him "Super Tanker", he eats more than anyone else in the pond and has grown the largest, the quickest.

Not sure if he is a brown goldfish, or a crucian. Evidently identification is tough. The crucian gets larger than a typical pond comet.