Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Cleaning the filter and changing the water

As of 2010, this is how I have my koi hatchery tank setup. The 5 gallon bucket sitting on the top left of the tank is it's filter, I have more details about it on another page.

To clean the filter, I turn off the main circulation pump and then open the drain valve. Then I stir the K1 biomedia as it drains into a bucket.

After it is fully drained, just like the shampoo instructions say, I refill, rinse and repeat. Sometimes I only fill and drain twice, sometimes I'll do it 4 times.

For changing the water, I have a pump mounted on the side wall of the tank.

Outside of the tank, I have some hoses that go to various places in my yard to water my lawn, trees and bushes.

Instead of standing there while the pump runs, I setup a crank timer to run the water changing pump.

Here is a close up picture of the timer. After a little trial and error, I discovered that it takes about 30 minutes to do a water change.

For filling the tank, I have a garden hose that hangs over the side of the bucket and sprays into the return pipe of the bucket filter.

Instead of standing there while it is filling, I have a sprinkler timer and valve so I can set it to run for a designated amount of time to fill. The valves are so I can send water to other places, such as I use this also for refilling my siwmming pool, and for filling other fish tanks, and watering my bushes and trees.