Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Fill Pond First Time

Well now is the moment of truth, time to see the latest project of mine which can't possibly be level.

This is a good time to mention my "chili light" quality measurement system. In our last house, my wife wanted me to make a pass thru from the kitchen to the livingroom. Having never worked with drywall before, I gave it the best try I had, and it looked pretty crummy when done. Instead of hiring a real contractor to finish the job, my sweetie bought a set of chili lights, they are like christmas tree ligths only they have a plastic chilli covering the bulb, and are used year round for decoration. We hung those around the pass-thru and could no longer see the crummy drywall finishing job I did. So from then on, before I start a project, we jokingly talk about how many chili lights it will take to cover up what mistakes I make.

Back to the pond -- I tried to make the walls as level as I could, but as you can see from the gap between the water and the edge of the wall on the far side, and the water just flowing over top of the close edge, I missed being level by about a 3/4". Fairly crummy by professional standards, but for my standards, pretty good !!

It is christmas time and the decorations are up.

I had a fleeting dream of making a charcoal & wood water heater, and making it a hot tub for a day, but I already did that with my hot tub sailboat. (here it is as a boat)

I know I live in the desert, but I wanted to get the pond really dry for the waterproofing stage, so I had a fan running in there for a few days.

Sorry I didn't get pictures of this, but next I painted the inside with 2 coats of DryLok. I asked around a lot and talked to a bunch of people, they all had a different opinion, but in the end I decided to go with drylok because it was developed for Seaworld and it was specifically formulated as a latex base -- and one of the major things I wanted to do was be able to paint the bottom of the pond with from time to time.

I waited a week before putting the first coat of drylok on, then as per the instructions on the can, I waited 48 hours before putting the 2nd coat on. Then I watied a week before applying the paint, again as per the instructions on the can.

Then the first time I filled it up with the waterproofing on it, it leaked. Just a small leak, not enough to notice the water drop, but the front corner (closest corner you can see in the picture) was damp all the time. So I drained it again, dried it really well with the fan, and looked for the leak. I looked and looked, but couldn't see where it was. So I painted a couple of coats of latex paint in the corner where it was leaking

This seems to have stopped the leak, as I write this the pond has been running for 2 months since, without any more signs of leaks.