Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Getting my Dolphin Koi Tank

I had the 1200 gallon tank plus the series of hatchery tanks, but after a lot of thought, and some experience at keeping larger koi, I knew that I needed a larger tank or pond. I dreamed all over the scale, but the real limiting factor for me was the running expenses of water changes, electricity for the pumps, and koi pellets. Decided that I really had to keep my collection down to 4 full sized adult koi, plus a number of smaller ones that I would adopt out when they start to crowd the tank too much. The new main pond would be between 3000 and 5000 gallons. It was in the plans for the future sometime, but then suddenly my wife was looking at transferring to another office in her company which would take us to Texas, and I just couldn't figure an affordable way to move all of my tanks. I sold all but one hatchery tank, sold off all but a few of my koi, and then the move got cancelled. NUTS.

It turned into an opportunity though, I remember reading on a fish forum about a company called Dolphin Fiberglass in Florida that makes fiberglass aquaculture tanks. I called them up and talked with the owner Jack about my situation. He was very friendly and patient with me, and had all sorts of good ideas.

Jack had just the right tank for me, it is a 12' diameter x 4' tall tank that was made from 2 parts that bolted together.

Next was the problem of getting the tank shipped from Florida to Phoenix. It was really going to cost an arm and a leg to get it across the country. We talked about it, and since I can work with fiberglass, he cut each part in half, so now it is a stack of 4 piece of pie shaped parts. I got a quote from uship.com and the price was kinda high. After talking to a shipping broker, he suggested that I add some weight to make it heavier. Guess what, it worked ! Jack added 200 lbs of sand from his back yard, and that increased the density of the load, which actually made it cheaper to ship.

From the first day it was picked up in Florida, I eagerly hit the refresh button on the tracking page for my pallet. It would show that the pallet was loaded on a trailer, then the trailer picked up and in transit. Then arrive at another terminal and move to another trailer, then on the road for a while. Then finally it arrived in Phoenix, and was ready for pickup !!

The tank + pallet weigh 792 lbs, plus enough Florida sand to get the weight over 900 lbs. I had just built a trailer for my Larson power boat and it could easily carry the weight. The only problem was keeping the pallet from dorking up my fenders, so I made a rectangle from 2x6's and used lots of angle brackets to hold them together.

See that dumpster in the background? First thing I did was unload the bags of sand and throw them away.

All loaded up and ready to go home.

I have schootched a lot of boats on and off of trailers before, so did the same as if this tank were a boat.

A little jiggle, pull a bit, jiggle and pull....

Presto the tank is off the trailer.

And the tank inspectors approve.