Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Shade & net cover for koi tank

The previous summer, it was a record setting hot summer and all of the water in my tanks got up to 96 degrees, and stayed there for a couple of months. Thought for sure this was the end of my koi keeping, but they held in there and I didn't loose a single fish.

Still, I didn't want to put my fish through that again, so I looked around for some kind of shade solution. Many people with koi ponds have pergolas or other similar shade structure. I seriously thought about those, but also liked just using a shade sail. I tried a shade sail over my pool but one day when the wind kicked up, the sail did what a good sail does, it caught the wind and broke off one of the posts holding it up, and then almost took the others with it.

So.... I looked into a canopy shade and found Tarps.com. They sell standard and custom sized shades which are made from durable shade cloth and have an 8 year warranty. They also sell the corner brackets, so you buy the shade, the brackets, and add some "top rail" poles from the local home depot and presto, you have a canopy shade.

When I first put it up, it kinda felt flimsy. Then I added diagonal bracing where I could -- there are a couple of braces with line on the back corners, and in the right foreground of the picture you can see 2 extra diagonal poles I pounded into the ground and u-bolted to the canopy frame. As soon as I added that, the entire frame stiffed up.

Since then I we have had a few wind storms and the canopy has held up just fine.

I am really paranoid about birds getting into my pond, and also afraid of the fish jumping out, so I always have my tanks covered. This was a new thing for this tank, in an aquaculture book I saw a design for a dome cover for an aquaculture tank made from PVC. Basically it was a hoop with cross pieces.

The hoop part didn't work so good, so I came up with this solution. I use conduit straps to attach the tee fittings, then cross over the tank. I have it covered in bird netting, and it is working good.