Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

2008 WWKC Koi Show

I entered fish in the 2008 WWKC Koi Show and ended up placing very well with all the fish I entered. It was a great show and I had an awsome time !!! I had koi tank 28, and goldfish tank 4.

Fat Albert (Hikari Moyo)
Hikari Moyo 355 S-3
1st place s-3

Cow (Tancho Sanke)
Tancho Sanke 357 S-2
1st place s-2

Kendra (Doitsu Kawarigoi)
Kawarigoi 356 S-2
1st place s-2

Lemony Snickets (Kawarigoi)
Kawarigoi 359 S-2
2nd place s-2

Jack (Hakari Moyo)
Hakari Moyo 358 S-2
2nd place s-2

Shubunkin Over 3" ID 8

Other Over 3" ID 7

Stubby is a genetically deformed fish, came from a pond rescue that had hundreds of goldfish in a very green pond. Kept this one from the rescue, which I am sure would have been culled by anyone else, even from a feeder fish dealer. I entered Stubby in the "other" variety, primarily becuase I didn't have any other goldfish (besides midnight) to enter. The judges obviously have a good sense of humor, and Stubby won the variety!!!