Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

Koi Ponds And Filter Photo Gallery

Kevin Strange Pond by Kevin Strange
Steel Heron And Other Deterrents by Daphna Gottfried
Tiki Hut Koi Pond With Bridge by Cheryl
Swimming Pool Converted Into A Koi Pond by Brenda
    The Island
    The Filter
    Koi Collection
    Ron & Zoe - the real owners of her koi
Koi Pond Heron Deterrents by Shorty
Misc Ponds - Block Construction by Shorty
Misc Ponds - Formal Pond by Shorty
Misc Ponds - Natural looking ponds by Shorty
Misc Ponds - Converted Swimming Pool by Shorty
Privacy Shades & Pergolas for Ponds by Shorty

Phoenix Koi Rescue

History Of Phoenix Koi Rescue by Shorty
    How To Use Cast Net For Catching Koi
    Previously Adopted Koi 1
    Previously Adopted Koi 2
    Previously Adopted Koi 3
    Previously Adopted Koi 4
    Previously Adopted Koi 5
    Previously Adopted Hybrid Koi Goldfish
    Previously Adopted Goldfish
    Previously Adopted Shubunkin
    Rescue - El Caro Golf Course - Scottsdale AZ
    Rescue - Stacey
    Rescue - Donna

Misc Filters

    ShortyPen Barrel Filter 1
    ShortyPen Barrel Filter 2
    ShortyPen Barrel Filter 3
    Homemade Undergravel Aquarium Filter
    Rules of Thumb & Misc Info
    Designing a Koi Pond Biofilter / Bioreactor -- Bilfilm requirements

180 Gallon Small Concrete & Cinder Block Test Pond

    Pour Concrete Slab
    Put Up Block Walls & Stucco
    Fill Up First Time
    Backflush Air Distributor
    Trash Can Biofilter
    Backflush Cleaning Biofilter

300 Gallon Koi Fish Hatchery Tanks

    Hatchery Tanks
    Pour concrete for koi hatchery tank area
    Koi culling process
    My comets spawning
    Shubunkin spawning
    Koi spawning and fry
    Install Window Fibrglass Koi Hatchery Tank
    Filter for Green Hatchery Tank
    Clean filter & change water for Green Hatchery Tank

1200 Gallon Super Tank

    Getting the tank & bringing home
    Fixing up to hold water for initial use

3200 Gallon Dolphin Tank

    Getting the tank & bringing home
    Pour rest of concrete
    Setup the tank and fiberglass it together
    Filter system & barrel stand
    Weekly water changing system
    Shade and net cover
    Filling Up First Time
    Pictures of fish in the window of the tank

Some Fish I have Kept

    Misc Koi I have kept in my collection
    Take Daisy to school
    2008 WWKC Koi Show
    2009 WWKC Koi Show
    Goldfish & Pond Comets
    Bluegill & Sunfish
    Misc Others
    Minnow Trap & Fishing Bucket
    Gingerbread Koi House
    Humor - Catfish Tries To Eat Basketball

Phoenix AZ Area Pond & Fish Clubs

Greater Phoenix Pond Society
Valley Of The Sun Koi Club
Associated Koi Clubs of America
ARK - Arizona Rivulin Keepers - Killifish enthusiasts
Japanese Friendship Garden

Fish & Pond Discussion Forums

WWKC Internet Koi Show
Koi Shack
Goldfish Clubs & Links
Carp Anglers Group
North American Native Fish Association
Monster Fish Keepers