Koi Rescue
Phoenix Arizona

You Have Koi That Need To Be Rescued

How This Works

If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area and you have koi that need to be rescued, below is an open notification list which you can post to. The list is moderated and the only messages allowed to pass are ones which announce koi that need a new home -- other messages are deleted, this is NOT a discussion forum.

If your entire koi collection needs to be picked up urgently, the expectation is just one or a couple of people will come over to your backyard pond to pick them up. The people that pickup the koi may keep them all or may keep the ones they want and make the others available for adoption. A reasonable time frame is for the people to pickup within 1 week.

If you have some spare koi and just want to adopt out a few or as singles, you are welcome to post notices that you have them available.

This list is only for giving away koi for free, it is not a place to sell koi.

In your email, please include the
following information:
  • How to contact you
  • Major Cross Streets (location)
  • Approx number & size of koi
  • Other relevant info
Send that email to our notification list:
The people that are interested in rescuing
your koi will contact you directly.

Some people may contact you from out of state. Often they are very eager and sincere that they would like to come pickup the koi, just that they haven't grasped the practical aspect and difficulties of travelling that far to get them and in reality are unable to. So you will want to take that into consideration if asked to hold fish for out of state visitors.

Large Group Rescues

If there is a pond or other body of water that is being drained and there are large amounts of koi that need to be rescued, you can coordinate that effort. Go ahead and post a message to the list indicating you are going to be leading the rescue effort so others can contact you to get involved. Please make sure to establish written permission to be able to have a group come and rescue the fish and/or have the property owner on hand when the group shows up.


Everyone involved agrees to do their best to be polite and act in a professional manner, but sometimes accidents happen, ponds are slippery and messy. By using this website or any information obtained from this website, all parties involved agree to hold harmless any other people / parties invoved and any other members of Phoenix Koi Rescue, harmless of liability or damage while we are performing a rescue or being involved in any related activities. All parties invovled assume their own risk.